Motupore Island Research Centre

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Welcome to the Motupore Island Research Centre Website

Motupore Island Research Centre (MIRC) is the University of Papua New Guinea's dedicated marine and coastal research unit. MIRC offers diving, laboratory (dry and wet), library and study area, conference and accommodation facilities for research programmes and academic/training courses. Under its Research Director and drawing on a wealth of expertise in the School of Natural and Physical Sciences (SNPS), MIRC is able to support and develop research initiatives in many disciplines with particular emphasis on the marine and environmental sciences. MIRC also provides direct technical and teaching support for degree programmes, training courses and postgraduate research. Conference facilities can also be booked for research meetings, conferences and workshops. Motupore provides an ideal location for the exchange of ideas, problem solving and the development of policy and management measures. Motupore was, after all, the site of much of the negotiation and writing of the nation's constitution.

MIRC strives to build capability and advance knowledge in marine and coastal resource management in Papua New Guinea and the Western Pacific, through the fostering of local, national and international links; the adoption of multidisciplinary and proactive approaches to problem solving; and the delivery of the highest standard of research and teaching.

Last updated on 20th August 2006