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The UPNG Open College

Welcome to distance open and flexible education, the Open College web page. Whether you are in distance education as a student, academician or administrator you are part of an expanding area of activity in the Universityís academic programs.

The Open College headquarters is housed in a purpose built quart triangle building at the Waigani Campus. There are five open campuses, five provincial university centres and five franchise study centres located throughout the country. The five open campuses are equipped with study facilities including a computer laboratory in each for student use. The purpose of such facility is to encourage and facilitate effective student learning. Students should take advantage of these resources with the aim of excelling in their studies and eventually graduating.

The University through the Open College will continue to provide these educational opportunities to Papua New Guineans who do not have access to full time residential studies. To meet these objectives there are staffs well positioned in all areas of our operation. The academic responsibility remains with each course lecturer in the specialty at strand and school level while program development and student support is the responsibility of the Open College. Open campus and provincial university centre staffs further decentralize the service down to the region and provinces.

We are committed to meeting the objectives of the University in delivering university education to the citizens of this country through the mode of distance, open and flexible education thus implementing Component 5 of the Governmentís National Higher Education Plan II.

Our Mission

The University of Papua New Guinea Open College shares the achievements of the vision and goals of the University of Papua New Guinea to enhance the access of the community to the University through flexible learning. This will assure recognition of UPNG as the nationís leading tertiary education provider, employing the best international practice in flexible delivery and learning methodology and enhancing teaching and learning for both external and on-campus students with use of modern learning and teaching materials and technology.

Objectives and Actions of the UPNG Open College

Our primary objective is to reposition UPNG as the flagship provider of flexible learning in higher education.

To achieve the above objectives we set out to undertake the following actions:

Our actions will be measured by the following key performance indicators:

The Three key Functions of the Open College

The Open College has three key areas of responsibility in its charter of operation.

Program development and production is a fundamental area of the Open College operations. Programs targeted for offering by distance mode are identified and individual course units written by lecturers under the guidance of specialist instructional designers. Completed courses course for distance teaching will have three books consisting of a course outline, study guide and a resource book. Some course materials have accompanying audiotapes and compact disks to supplement print material.

Centre and student support covers support services for students including orientation and registration, course advising and counselling and attending to general student queries. This section also provides administrative and other logistical support to the Universities open campuses, provincial university centres and franchise study centres as study centres for distance education students throughout the country.

Professional and Continuing Education. The Open College is also charged with the responsibility of developing and offering of short courses. Short courses offered include accounting for non-accountants, time management and English for business communication.