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facts about the university of papua new guinea
Corporate Name:                 The University of Papua New Guinea

Established:                          1965

Status:                                   Public University
                                                              First University in Papua New Guinea

Current A/Chancellor:       Mr. Robert Igara

Current Vice Chancellor:   Professor Frank Griffin

Location:                          Main Campus, Waigani, National Capital District
                                                        Medical Campus, Taurama, National Capital District
                                                        Open College Campuses, 20 of the 21 Provinces of Papua New Guinea

Schools:                            Schools of Business and Public Policy, Law, Humanities and Social Sciences,
                                                        Medicine and Health Sciences, and Natural and Physical Sciences
                                                        Open and Flexible learning programs in 20 provinces,
                                                        and Franchise arrangements

Number of programs
currently on offer:             103

Average student
enrolment per year:          11-12 thousand students

Average graduates
 per year:                            1,500

Origins of students:          Papua New Guineans, South Pacific Islanders, Asians, Africans, and


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