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Call for Applications For Enrolment in 2020
Applications are invited from candidates, intending to seek Enrolment/Re-Enrolment into Post Graduate Masters, Honors and Undergraduate Degree and Diploma Programs offered by the University.
The University will consider Application from the Following Categories of Candidates:-
Non-School Leavers
  • Candidates who have completed diploma programs at recognized institutions within the country or overseas.
  • Candidates who have met the National Matriculation Requirements from recognized National and Secondary high schools or its equivalent prior to 2017.
  • Candidates applying for specific program on offer related to their current employment and;
  • Non-Nationals (South Pacific Islanders and other Non-nationals) may apply and admission would depend on availability of space within the quota reserved for overseas students.
  • Re-enrolling students.
Limitation of Admission
Due to limited space and resources, the University can only admit limited number of new students into various programmes of study. As a result competition is very high and priority is given to those with higher GPAS. Those seeking enrolment must satisfy the admission requirement of the University.


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