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University Fees

tuition and fees STRUCTURE 2020
In our quest to train and develop adequate manpower resources of PNG and our neighbouring island countries, we believe in providing the best education to our students in the Pacific at a price that is affordable to all.
All students, parents, and sponsors are advised of the UPNG Fee Structure for the 2020 Academic Year, as approved by the University Council. Ensure that you read the accompanying notes for clarification. All fees are in PNG Kina.

Online Application for Accommodation at UPNG Student Halls of Residence - 2020
Please go through these Instructions before you apply:
1) This Application does not guarantee space at UPNG Halls of Residence. Allocation is subject to availability of rooms and purely at the discretion of University authorities.

2) Payment of Compulsory fee for 2020 is mandatory for this application to be considered and processed.

3) Students seeking accommodation for the first time are required to pay Bond Fee of K 250 in addition to the prescribed accommodation fee.

4) Students are not allowed to submit multiple accommodation applications (Both hardcopy or online). None of the applications will be considered if violated. Students seeking faster processing of their applications are advised to apply online.

5) Rooms will be allocated to students based on the application and students will be notified about allotment on their e-mail address provided in the application. Allotment will be temporary until the student pays the required fee.

6) Allotment of rooms is on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE basis subject to availability of rooms. Students who may have paid the required accommodation fee already along with this application will have priority during allotment. Students who did not pay any accommodation fee are advised to pay the required amount of fee mentioned in the allotment letter immediately upon receipt of the same.

7) University may allocate accommodation different from student’s choice if the preferred room is unavailable. In such cases, if the student accepts to stay in the room allotted by the University, which may have a higher fee, he/she has to pay the difference in the amount of fee that applies to the allotted room type.

8) Students have to e-mail the scan copies of payment related proofs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. soon after the payment is made at the bank.

9) All accommodation fee payments should be made into the following bank A/c:
Account Name: UPNG Tuition Fee
Account Number: 1000584013
Bank & Branch: Bank South Pacific, Waigani

10) Students must present proofs of all payments made to the University whenever required.

11) If you have any further queries regarding this application, you can e-mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.