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Our Research Establishments

our research establishments
Centre for Biodiversity & Natural Products
• Undertake research on inventory, biological and economic assessment of biodiversity of PNG.
Centre for Climate Change & Sustainable Development
• Focus on understanding of the impact of climate change on resources and communities, and ways to mitigate effects.
Centre for Disaster Reduction
• Devoted to the study of natural disasters such as tsunamis, strong winds and flooding and ways to reduce their impact.
Melanesian and Pacific Studies
• Dedicated to the study of people, their knowledge and culture to enhance knowledge preservation.
Melanesian Institute of Art and Communication
• Study of cultural expression and communication and is application to modern settings.
Motupore Island Research Centre
• A research station focused on the study of marine life and its sustainability.
Micronutrient Laboratory
• A laboratory established to assess micronutrient levels in the population especially children and pregnant women.
Molecular Bio-discovery and Biomedicines Laboratory
• A laboratory established through collaboration with the University of Utah, United States, for the screening of PNG natural products for new therapeutic lead compounds and the validation of traditional medicine.
Natural Products and Chemical Analysis Laboratory
• A facility devoted for chemical analysis of oils and other natural products for economic and medicinal use.
Traditional Medicine Database Unit
• A unit established through collaboration with the Department of Health and World Health Organization to undertake surveys and documentation of traditional medicine practices in Papua New Guinea.
Snake Venom Research Unit
• A research unit developed through collaboration with the University of Melbourne to undertake studies on venomous snakes of Papua New Guinea to improve the management of snakebites.
In addition to the research establishments (Centres, Labs and Units), there are many other research activities carried out by other academic staff.