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About SOL

About the School of Law
Prof MATUI MangeThe School of Law (SOL) was started as a faculty with six students around 1965-66. It was one of the founder faculties of the UPNG. Professor Gary Nash was the foundation professor succeeded by Prof. A.B. Weston in the early 1970s. The business programs were added to the faculty of law during 1980s.
The University underwent restructure during 1995 and the “Faculty of Law and Business Studies” was restructured as the “School of Law and Business Studies” when the schools were established as a consequence of the restructure. The SOL as it is known now was established in 2002 after the School of Business Administration (SBA) was established.
The successive executive deans of the faculty of law, faculty of law and business studies, school of law and business studies and the current School of Law include: Associate Professor Eric Kwa, Mr. Gerhardt Linge, Professor Lawrence Kalinoe, and Professor John Luluaki.
Professor Mange Matui
Executive Dean