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OC Programs

Programs offered THROUGH odl via upngoc
Certificate and Diploma Programs
    • Certificate in Tertiary and Community Studies (CTCS - a sub-degree program)
    • Diploma in Accounting
    • Diploma in Business & Management
Undergraduate Degree Programs
    • Bachelor of Accounting*
    • Bachelor of Business & Management (Professional Studies in Public Policy Management)*
    • Bachelor of Arts (Professional Studies in Education)
    • Bachelor of Arts (first year only)
    • Bachelor of Science (first year only)
* For the School of Business Administration one will have to complete the Foundation Year in Business Studies before streaming into their choice of program as listed above.
Transfer from External to Internal Programme

Those who are currently undergoing Bachelor of Business and Management programme at Open College and wish to transfer from external to internal programme during 2016, are advised to submit his/her application in proper format to the School of Business and Public Policy. The application form can be obtained by clicking here or from  the School of Business and Public Policy for free of charge. The following are the eligibility criteria:
    • Successful completion of prescribed 16 courses of Bachelor of Business Management programme under the same degree label and
    • Minimum overall GPA of 2.0 and above. GPA is calculated using all the 16 courses completed successfully.
If you are confident of completing the prescribed 16 courses of Bachelor of Business Management programme by semester 2, 2015, you are advised to apply with the current transcript. For selection criteria, you are advised to check the standard application form issued by the School.
Last date for application is 31st October, 2015.
The School will not consider any late application and also the School will reject application not in the prescribed format.
Professor Lekshmi N. Pillai
Executive Dean, School of Business and Public Policy.

SNPS Programs

Programs offered by the school of Natural and Physical Sciences
Undergraduate Programs
    • Diploma in Comprehensive Hazards and Risk Management
    • Bachelor of Science (Major in Biology)
    • Bachelor of Science (Major in Chemistry)
    • Bachelor of Science (Major in Earth Science)
    • Bachelor of Science (Major in Environmental Science and Geography)
    • Bachelor of Science (Major in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science)
    • Bachelor of Science (Major in Physics)
    • Bachelor of Sustainable Development
Postgraduate Programs
    • Bachelor of Science with Honours
    • Post-Graduate Diploma in Science
    • Master of Science
    • Doctor of Philosophy