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School of Natural & Physical Sciences

The School of Natural and Physical Sciences (SNPS) is located at the Waigani Campus. It also runs a multi-disciplinary research centre situated at Bootless Bay, Tubusereia called the Motupore Island Research Centre and the offshore Tahira Marine Base which serves Motupore. SNPS's main focus is in the science area. The executive oversees the administrative functions of the school with the help of appointed Strand leaders which head the Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, Physics and Environmental Science respectively.

SNPS offers the following degrees:

lab 2

PNG's development involves discovery and exploitation of natural resources which bring in much needed monies for better services (health, education and infrastructure) to enhance quality of the lives of the citizens of Papua New Guinea.

The school trains graduates who, become scientists in a range of scientific areas which include Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, and Environmental Science.

The Students play a very important role of discovery to enhance exploitation of natural resources (oil and minerals), development of various scientific related products, effective management of the, physical environment for sustainability and others aimed at progress and development of PNG.

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The School provides students with up to date and high quality courses in various disciplines areas. It also equips them with many new skills required by the workforce. Most teaching involves lectures, tutorials, seminars, practicals and field work.

Practical and field experiences help students with equipment, techniques, experimental design and technical report writing.