The University of Papua New Guinea now offers online fee payment through BSP Mobile Banking and BSP Pay. BSP Pay has been linked with the University Information System (UIS) which allows students to pay their fees from their portal on UIS. BSP Pay is only available to customers in Papua New Guinea who have BSP bank accouts.

Payment of Compulsory Fees:

The University requires all students to pay their Compulsory Fees through BSP Pay using their UIS student portal.  Payment of Compulsory Fees through BSP will enable you to register for your Courses for Semester 1, 2023. A guide with steps to use BSP Pay to pay Compulsory Fees is now available on the link:

Step by Step Guide to BSP Pay

Payment of Other Fees:

Other Fees includes Board & Lodging Fees, Bond Fees, and Outstanding Fees from previous years. Any of these fees applicable to a student must be paid into UPNG Tuition Fee Account# 1000584013 (BSP, BSB 8202) as cash deposit or through BSP Mobile Banking. A guide with steps to use BSP Mobile Banking to pay these fees is now available on the link:

Step by step guide to BSP Mobile Banking

Schedule for Compulsory Fee payment by BSP Pay and Registration:

The availability of BSP Pay on UIS for students to pay their Compulsory Fees and register are as follows:

1. As from January 21, 2023, for all students at Taurama Campus
2. As from January 23, 2023, for all First Year students in 2023 at Waigani Campus
3. As from February 3, 2023, for all Continuing and Re-enrolling students at Waigani Campus

Students who do not have a current BSP bank account are encouraged to take the following option(s) to enable them to pay their 2023 Compulsory Fee online:

1. May open a BSP Account, then use it to pay your fees, using BSP Pay;
2. May use someone else`s BSP Account to pay your fees, using BSP Pay

Other instructions:

1. You must pay your fees, as shown in your invoice from UPNG;
2. All students are required to pay the Compulsory Fee, in full using BSP Pay, to enable your registration in UIS;
3. Any student with outstanding fees with the University must pay the outstanding amount as described in Payment of
    Other Fees
4. Any excess fees from 2022 or previous years cannot be used to pay your Compulsory Fees. The Deputy Registrar
    (Academic)`s Office and the Bursary Office will assist you with any queries that you may have on overpayments
    from previous years. Kindly contact them on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 3267321/3267604/3267249;
5. No excess fee transfers from one student to another student will be entertained by the University; and
6. Corporate Sponsors and other Sponsors, such as Provincial Governments and Members of Parliament, may liaise
    with their sponsored students to use the BSP Pay to pay their fees.

All students are required to adhere to the above instructions regarding fee payments for 2023.


Mr. Roboam Kakap
Acting Registrar