Undergraduate Admission Requirements

The school offers the following programs and courses:

Bachelor of Science ( Major in Biological Sciences)
Bachelor of Science ( Major in Physics)
Bachelor of Science (Major in Chemistry)
Bachelor of Science (Major in Earth Sciences)
Bachelor of Science (Major in Environmental Science & Geography)
Bachelor of Science (Major in Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science)
Bachelor of Sustainable Development
Diploma in Comprehensive Hazards & Risk Management

Students have to study courses of a minimum of 96 credit points to complete a Bachelor Degree Program and 48 credit points to complete a diploma program. They will have to study all courses offered under the Program concerned, and select the courses from other divisions of the same school or from other schools as indicated by the respective divisions and the schools to make a total of 96 (minimum) credit points of study for Bachelor degree program and 48 (minimum) credit points of study for a diploma program. Major under each program indicates the courses of emphasis; however, the degree label of Bachelor of Science is generic and does not indicate the information of ‘Major’.