One of the Late Dr. Lawrence Kalinoe’s wishes was to have his book collection donated to the UPNG Michael Somare Library.

His wife, Mrs. Evelyn Kalinoe, presented 22 boxes of books from the Late Dr. Kalinoe’s collection to the Acting Librarian, Mr. Lote Lisania and the staff of the Michael Somare Library at UPNG’s Waigani Campus. Six boxes were law reports, and the rest were miscellaneous law textbooks.

According to Mrs. Kalinoe, the Late Dr. Kalinoe always expressed his wish that if something happened to him, he wanted all of his books to be donated to the Michael Somare Library.

Mr. Lisania expressed his appreciation to the Kalinoe family for the donation of the books to the Michael Somare Library, and explained that, at some stage, the Library will be carrying out digitalization and they will include Dr. Kalinoe’s collection as well.

The Late Dr. Kalinoe, graduated from UPNG in 1987, and was admitted as a lawyer after legal training at the Legal Training Institute in 1988. He returned to UPNG as a teaching fellow in 1989 and then furthered his studies overseas. In 2001, when the five Schools were established to replace faculties, he returned to the University and was appointed as the first Executive Dean of the School of Law. He resigned in 2006 and moved on to other positions. He passed on in his capacity as the Secretary to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.